The Village of Lynchburg is accepting sealed bids for the following personal property that will be offered for sale:

2001 Ford Police Inceptor VIN # 2FAFP71W21X159189 Mileage 115,151

2001 Ford Police Inceptor VIN# 2FAFP71W0YX147660 Mileage 140,393

Terms for purchase of the personal property, payment must be received in full 7 days following the November 3, 2016 Council Meeting. Once payment has been verified title will be released. Forms of payment excepted will be check or cash. Inspection of the property will be held from October 19- October 26, 2016 by contacting the Village Administrator Ashley Campbell at 937-364-2241. Bid packets are available upon request. All sealed bids must be received by 12:00pm November 2, 2016, and will be opened at the November 3, 2016 Council Meeting. The Village reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to re-advertise in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 721.03.


Dear Village Residents,

First off I would like to start by saying Thank You for your continued support and dedication to our Village. As your Mayor my goal is to make the residents and business owners feel safe and secure. Like many other communities across the state we face constant pressure to do more with less.

As you know it was discussed at the August 4, 2016 Regular Council Meeting the Police Department and its current need for funding. Currently our Police Department is operating with one full time Police Chief and one part time Police Officer, which we are very thankful for. As it stand now, we currently have a 5-mil levy that brings in roughly $67,000.00. The levy is only for police salaries. This leaves all other expenses such as equipment, uniforms, gas, vehicle maintenance, and the day to day operations to find alternative routes for monies. Since January 2016, these expenses have been paid out of the general fund which is a short term fix. However, For long term, the general fund cannot handle all of these expenses. On November 8, 2016 you will see a Police levy on the ballot .This levy will help assist the Police Department to pay for the above expenses in addition to hiring another part time police officer.

The proposed Police Levy is a 3-mil 5 year levy. What does this mean for you? The 3-mil is based on the valuation of your property. For example, your property appraised at $100,000.00. The Auditor’s office will take 35% of the $100,000.00 which determines your valuation. So in this example the valuation would be $35,000.00. They will take the $35000.00 (valuation) and multiply this by .003 which equals $105.00 a year or $8.75 month. Again this is a 5 year levy and is not continuous or never ending.

In addition, the Village purchased the Police Department a new police cruiser in 2016. The monies from this levy will not be used to pay for this vehicle. The Village has sold properties and will be selling the additional police cruisers to help with this expense. Due to the high cost of the repairs for the existing police cruisers it was cheaper for the Village to purchase a new cruiser.

In conclusion, I hope to see you out on November 8, 2016 Election Night and the Village and Police Department would greatly appreciate your vote on our 3-mil 5 year Police Levy. As always, if you have any questions please stop in the Village Office and speak with Ashley, myself, or the Police Department and speak with Chief Warner.

Yours Truly,
Mayor Terry Burden


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